Intimate Gazing

a participatory feminist art project

upcoming in 2020- art week in Mexico City with Casa Viva and Soma Galleries

In 2015 Rae Goodwin and Sophie Mars met at Essential Departures, a performance art residency at Rosekill, an outdoor performance art venue in upstate NY. After Rae’s performance, regarding bodies, they decided to collaborate to create a new work, regarding vaginas. Now titled intimate gazing, This project has been performed with different structures at Rosekill Performance Art space in NY, Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, the ClitArt Festival in England, in association with APAB-month of performance art Berlin and in Paris and Madrid. Rae and Sophie continue touring this series to galleries, museums, women's centre's, social centre's, queer events and festivals and are open to collaborating with artists, sex educators, healers, thinkers and guest speakers.

Perhaps needed now more than ever, we are concerned with questions of empathy and of acceptance and respect for female/femme/female identified bodies. What is it to be curious about another body/ to regard the body and vulva of another? In this collaborative project we set out to question: Can a woman regard the vulva of another woman with neutrality? Can a female or femme person regard another without the critical judgment born of the “male gaze”? Can we, as female/femme persons, remark on the qualities of another female/femme/female identified body and vulva with embodied consideration and kindness? 

And what is in the phenomenology of this gaze? How can it enhance and soften our sense of self? As Pablo Neruda says: "to feel the affection that comes from those we do not know widens out the boundaries of our being and unites all living things"

So far, this piece has been performed with women and trans women only. However we also intend to open it up in the future.


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